Evaluating the 2016 HOF Candidates (Part 1)

Now that I have a working Rankometer to visually evaluate any player, let’s use it to evaluate this year’s HOF candidates. Rankometer compares a chosen player to the elite at his position, in his era, throughout his career.

Let’s start with 2 candidates – Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens – whose Rankometer shows (undeniably) that they are hall of fame worthy, with long stretches of dominance. Of course these players are being kept out of the Hall of Fame for PED reasons.

barry-bondsroger-clemens20spNow let’s look at some of the other hitters. Ken Griffey Junior tops the list, with the most impressive Rankometer:


The next tier down is filled with a number of players whose Rankometers look fairly similar. All of these have the shape of “borderline HOF-er.”

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It’s surprising to me that Piazza and Bagwell get so much more attention than the rest of these players, given how similar their Rankometers are.

We’ve moved to kevindamebaseball.com!

Happy Holidays!

It’s been awhile since I last posted. Back when I was actively cranking out infographics and data visualizations, I’d get many requests to make them for particular players. Since I was making them by hand, this was not sustainable.

So I’m back, but now with super powers (code) that enable me to provide these visuals for virtually ANY player. All of this can now be found at kevindamebaseball.com. I’ve started with one popular concept from a few years ago called Rankometer. On the site you can generate Rankometers for thousands of players. For example, here’s for HOF candidate Billy Wagner that I just generated simply by entering his name into the Search box.


I’ve also created a simple blog on the site that I’ll probably use (instead of this one) to introduce new ideas and visualization tools.

So please check out the site and share with your friends!


NEW Interactive Rankometer!!

Hi there. I’m back from hibernation with my first interactive visual. Click on the image below and try it out! As always, comments / suggestions are appreciated.  (For those of you who may not be familiar with Rankometer and how it works, I’ve added a brief description further down in this post).

Rankometer is a tool that helps you get a quick visual snapshot of a team (in this case the pitching staff) by ranking each of its 5 starting pitchers and 2 best relievers. Rankometer is based on the philosophy of comparing players relative to their peer group and ranking them accordingly. For the starting rotation, we look at each team’s best starting pitcher (described in the first column as #1 STARTER) and rank them based on a chosen stat (in this case we are using an advanced metric called xFIP which is an adjusted earned run average stat). We do the same for each team’s second best starter, third best starter, and so on. The same is done for the team’s best 2 relievers (using a stat called Win Probability Added). With this basic ranking structure in place, we can select any team and see a visualization of how that team’s pitching staff ranks relative to other staffs in the league. Rankometer does this by shading a column below each pitcher on the chosen team, creating a graphic equalizer effect that indicates how good a pitching staff is (tall bars indicate high rankings, low bars indicate low rankings). One additional note: I’ve been updating the stats manually (I haven’t figured out yet how to do that automatically) so the data is a few weeks old.  In the future I’d like to have the data updated on a daily basis).

PlayerShaper looks at Ryan Braun

PlayerShaper looks at a player’s strengths across 4 key areas and measures those strengths relative to the rest of the league. For hitters, PlayerShaper looks at on base percentage, power, speed, and defense. Click on the image for a closer look!