Introducing the Rank-o-Meter!

A few days ago I posted some visuals showing the seasons of Zack Greinke, Felix Hernandez, and CC Sabathia.  I’ve made some changes to these visuals and wanted to share all three of them in succession.   I’m experimenting with something called the “Rank-o-meter,” (a bit cheesy, I know) which presents a simple concept: How hot (or cold) was a player relative to his peers.  Check out these three charts and let me know what they tell you about these three pitchers?  Did the Cy Young Award voters get it right?




One thought on “Introducing the Rank-o-Meter!

  1. Kevin-

    Aiming to be helpful, not critical:

    What is gained by the blue-to-red spectrum? No new information is added from what I can see. The ranks tell the whole story — top is hot, bottom is cold, and the middle is middling.

    What is lost, though, seems clear — the sheer elegance of the earlier versions. Also, this approach restricts your background colors to black (funereal) and shades of gray.

    As for “Rank-o-meter”, I’m left speechless.

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