Introducing the 5 Tool Analyzer

Here’s a new visual that maps a player’s skill across the commonly accepted “5 tools” for position players.  This first graphic explains how it works:

Let’s take the 5 Tool Analyzer for a spin.  I was curious to see if I could find a player who was “perfectly average” in 2009 and I think I found him in Dave Murphy (he’s roughly at the 50th percentile across all 5 dimensions):

By now you’re probably wondering if there is a “perfect player” in baseball (a player who is the best across all 5 dimensions).  What I discovered was that most all-star players have at least one weak (or average) area.  But there were a few players who came close to perfection, and you’ll be surprised to see the one who came closest:

Chone Figgins was an intriguing example of a player who truly excels in all but one category (in his case power):

Adam Dunn’s visual map paints a classic portrait of an “all bat” player.  He has DH written all over him:

Jack Wilson represents the inverse of Dunn – an “all glove” player.

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