Starting Pitching in the AL East

Using the Rank-o-meter, lets take a look at starting rotations in the AL East.  I’m experimenting with a different approach to ranking pitchers – this time looking at each team’s best starter, then second best starter, and so on.   Lets take a look, with the best rotations first:

1. The Rays have the best and deepest rotation thusfar

2. The next best rotation is probably the Yankees, although right now they’re essentially a 3-deep rotation.

3. The Jays are off to a surprising start, driven by a well-balanced rotation.

4. The Red Sox come in 4th, with a very disappointing start.  Bucholz and Beckett have been fine, but the rest of the rotation has been a disaster.

5. Bringing up the rear is the Orioles staff.  Not too pretty…


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