Introducing Score Tracker

Hi there. Here’s my latest attempt to take something we’re all very used to seeing – scores – and communicate them in a different way. The concept is pretty simple: Red means your team won. Blue means your team lost. The size of the circles indicate how many runs were scored. And the amount of color you see represents how many runs your team won or lost by. Let’s take the Score Tracker for a spin:

Here’s a simple introduction to the concept and how these visuals work.

And here’s the Red Sox season at a glance. They’ve had nail biters in 8 consecutive games, including Monday night’s slugfest against the Blue Jays.

Here’s a comparison between the AL East contenders. Check out how many times the Rays have blown out their opponents. They’ve been dominant.

And finally, a closer look at the Red Sox wins and losses. When they’ve won, their margin for victory has been slim.

I’d love your feedback on the Score Tracker. Is it useful?


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