Introducing the BatCode

Here’s an experiment that I’d love some feedback on. I’m using the barcode metaphor to visualize a hitter’s performance for each at-bat. Line thickness represents the type of hit (thinnest for walks and singles, thickest for homeruns) with each at-bat separated by a space. Big white areas represent long stretches of outs. Lots of lines represent a string of hits, with thicker patches representing power. Let’s take BatCode for a spin.

Here's Ichiro's amazing 2004 season, filled with single after single.
And finally, Sammy Sosa's 1998 (with a mid-summer home run barrage).

One thought on “Introducing the BatCode

  1. yeah, i’ve been thinking about the white space. does it represent a player scuffling or a dl stint or a trip to the bus leagues. easy fix though; red blocks could represent the dl and..say…green could represent the minors or other designation. then the white space would truely represent a major league slump period. and, yes, i know that is an incorrect use of the semicolon.

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