Introducing Bat Slicer

Here’s something new that I’ve been working on. It’s called Bat Slicer and the idea is to visually represent a hitters’ bat. I’m hoping the visuals are fairly self explanatory, but just in case: We start with strikeouts (represented by a hole in the bat, and then show walks, singles, doubles & triples, and home runs in successive rings. These stats are based on production per plate appearance, with a minimum of 200 PA’s, and then converted into percentile rankings, with 100% being the best, 0% the worst. The legend on the bottom right of the visual gives you a sense of scale.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Bat Slicer

  1. Looking at Vlad Guerrero’s numbers this season, he’s got 21 HR and 20 doubles and triples, and 137 hits. So he’s got 96 singles, compared to 41 extra base hits. But your Vlad bat slice looks like Vlad’s HR percentage is roughly equal to, if not greater than, his singles percentage. I’m just wondering if I don’t fully understand how to read the slicers…

  2. Thanks for asking. The thickness of each ring indicates the player’s percentile rank in each category, so they represent how a player does in a comparative sense rather than an absolute sense. Vlad has pretty wide rings for singles and home runs, which means his rate of hitting singles and home runs per plate appearance is very high compared to the rest of the league. More specifically, Vlad hits singles and home runs at a higher rate than 85% of all other players. Make sense?

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