Evaluating the 2016 HOF Candidates (Part 1)

Now that I have a working Rankometer to visually evaluate any player, let’s use it to evaluate this year’s HOF candidates. Rankometer compares a chosen player to the elite at his position, in his era, throughout his career.

Let’s start with 2 candidates – Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens – whose Rankometer shows (undeniably) that they are hall of fame worthy, with long stretches of dominance. Of course these players are being kept out of the Hall of Fame for PED reasons.

barry-bondsroger-clemens20spNow let’s look at some of the other hitters. Ken Griffey Junior tops the list, with the most impressive Rankometer:


The next tier down is filled with a number of players whose Rankometers look fairly similar. All of these have the shape of “borderline HOF-er.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s surprising to me that Piazza and Bagwell get so much more attention than the rest of these players, given how similar their Rankometers are.


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