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How Good Are The Dodgers?

Here’s the same graphic for the Dodgers.

Dodgers Team Rankings


So much for Diversity

Well, we’re down to four teams in this year’s playoffs and judging from this map, we’re not looking at a ton of geographic diversity.  Out of ALL the teams in major league baseball (indicated by gray dots), somehow we ended up with 2 Southern California teams and two North East Corridor teams.  It’s basically a battle of two coasts now, with lots of frequent flier miles logged for both teams, media, and fans.

coastal LCS

Dodgers Postseason Hitters

The Dodgers were carried by Andre Ethier and Rafael Furcal in the NLDS.  Check out this graphic showing who powered their offense in their sweep of the Cardinals.  To see ongoing updates of the Dodgers in the postseason, check out the MLB Team Dashboards on the right side of my blog.

dodgers nlds2